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Collaboration is the key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. What better social platform do we have than Facebook Itself? That's why we are launching Experts HUB (, a social network very soon, where you will find experts on various topics.
Economic development is not only the responsibility of the Government. It is not just the Corporate Social Responsibility. We all need to work together to bring the balance between workforce and Employment in any given community.  Inter-dependent partnership is essential to achieve the strategic impact we would like to see in each of our community. 

Economic development and community development are strongly connected. Alliances of all trade persons are crucial to achieve shared objectives. These partnerships can unleash innovative ways of working, utilizing expertise hard to reach and eventually create shared accountability in an increasingly complex world.  

AT EDTC, we would like to embrace the opportunity to develop new approaches to partnering that go beyond philanthropy, towards generating shared value. Each sector has a valuable role to play, but it is in collaboration that real transformation comes. EDTC, working with TradeHUB Canada, has build various tool-set to automate and manage our collaborative efforts to achieve SHARED VALUES.

SHARED VALUE of EDTC consists of several elements of (1) Social value and (2) Financial value.

A. Shared Value
    - Increase in employment options for all ages, specially youth
    - Linkages to private sectors
    - Creating market relevant enterprises
    - Increased incomes, savings and assets of the youth
    - Positive attitude to agriculture, vocational training and savings

B. Financial Value
    - Leveraging other partners' skills and areas of expertise increasing efficiencies
    - Learning and product development
    - Innovation and set-up for market
    - Expertise development for the future
    - Access to new market segments and supply chains
    - Increase in revenue / individual financial growth
    - Improve buyer relations

Our Service Platform has following components:

1. B2B - Business Linkage
2. Funding, Revenue Generations
3. Financial Services
4. Technical Solutions
5. Training and support

Benefits for All:
Our automated service platform is designed for the benefits for all. Sustainable community is a key component of our deliverable. Thus we can boost the local and global economy.


Bottom line
A coordinated sustainable economic strategy can guide a city or region in creating a culture of stewardship, innovation and action that can lead to prosperity and future economic gains. First step is to invite our friends to this group! Happy Social business everyone!

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