About us

COVID-19 has grown into a global pandemic. It's impacting everyone. People are struggling due to social distancing and the economic impacts. Through AID-ACCORD, TradeHUB Canada has therefore launched urgent appeals for your help. You can support our hospitals and frontline healthcare workers, and care for the sick. Help is needed to deal with an unprecedented need for food banks, provide support to seniors, children in need, those experiencing homelessness, and many others in our communities! Your support can make a difference now and in the long term.  Browse charity campaigns of your choice and please give today.

We would like to create Campaigns targeting local communities so that our dedicated front-line coordinators can manage them efhectively. Donors accross the world can help their home city as their primary focus. 

AID ACCORD, an independent, non-profit organization aims to establish a civilized society in Bangladesh, guided by the talents of individuals and noble human values to develop the society to fulfil leadership role in qualitative projects in many fields; Aid and Development to Raise Awareness for Education, Health, Social Protection and the Individual and Community; to improve and improve the society; good use of capacities.

Our vision

Leadership and excellence in building and developing individual and social infrastructure

Our mission

Our mission is to build and develop individuals and societies in Bangladesh according to human dignity principles.

Our values

Aid Accord Charitable Association recognizes that humanitarian assistance covers all people.

Aid Accord Charitable Association, is a non-governmental organization established to establish foundations, and independently of any influence of another party. It is organization.

Aid Accord Charitable Association does not support any of the parties of the is an impartial organization that is not outside the scope of humanitarianism.

Not to be discriminated
Aid Accord is a place where you cannot be a member of, regardless of discriminatory factors, it provides services to beneficiaries.

We believe that the lives of all people are of equal value.

We affirm the honour, potential and contribution of the participants, donors, partners, staff and volunteers.

We act with the mission to be honest and transparent in what we do and say

We seek the highest levels of learning and performance to further impact the lives of those who need it.

Our Roles

Together, we would like to play following roles to our communities:

  1. Funder - to raise funds for our urgent, short term and long term support programs

  2. Investor - in situations where granting alone is insufficient to effect change

  3. Convenor - to forge relationships built on shared vision and goals

  4. Capacity Builder - achieve scale or systems impact, or providing temporary staffing support

  5. Advocate - to collaborate with leaders in the public, philanthropic and private sectors

  6. Strategic Learning Partner - to invest in innovative social solutions

Our Framework

We believe that unleashing innovation, creativity and experimentation is critical to solving society’s problems. But innovation alone isn't enough to achieve impact. With a whole-systems view that reveals the interconnections between organizational, sectoral and disciplinary silos, it is possible to design and implement actions that shift systems to produce better outcomes for people and communities.

Our Objectives

We are trying to capture the following goals and objectives

  • It builds unique human and development projects

  • To reach cooperation and partnership principle with humanitarian aid and charitable institutions.

  • Strengthening, acquiring and winning the trust of the group

  • Finding multiple, increasing financial resources and achieving comprehensive quality

  • To save the children and bring them back to the school

Our Approach

And our goals will be achieved through the following procedures:

  • To provide care and support to orphans and needy families by providing financial, logistic, and medical care

  • Especially in critical situations to provide milk (baby food) to children

  • To give importance to the people and refugees who are displaced in the country by meeting basic and basic needs.

  • Building schools and training centre’s...

  • To provide employment opportunities for young people and to work for them.

  • Increasing the financial resources that allow us to open new development projects, multitude finding.